SOLO EXHIBITIONS > A Decade of Printmaking: 1986 - 1996

A Decade of Printmaking: 1986 - 1996
March - May 1996
Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco

In 1986, after a hiatus of fifteen years, I was again attracted to printmaking - initially as a way to replicate my drawings. But I soon became interested in the variety of techniques that not only reproduced but augmented the original sketches.

I started to constantly experiment with different materials and methods. The techniques shown in this exhibition included traditional and experimental methods of line etching, aquatints, collagraph, linocut, monotypes and monoprints, relief etchings, and a technique that I developed to produce a right-reading intaglio print from a drawing without having to re-draw the image on the plate (using hairspray, no less!).

Building an expertise in a wide range of printmaking techniques gave me me the freedom to depict whatever subject I found compelling.

detail from May 1990, intaglio, 1990