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In Our Backyard:
New Monotypes of Sights Seen in San Francisco

August - September 2006
Fort Mason Foundation, San Francisco, CA

These images are based on sketches I have made in San Francisco - while looking out my window or while walking around the City.   In some, the initial sketch supplied most of the information for the final print. In others, the sketch provided a starting point that was filled out by memory.

When I was asked to have this exhibition, it was requested that I make something with a local flavor. Initially, I thought I would make a monotype series using colorful but abstract forms to give a feeling of the City's light and landscape. But the more that I worked on those prints, the more I realized that I missed the specific imagery that I associate with San Francisco. So, I challenged myself to make recognizable images done in a straight-forward technique: one-color monotypes that each went through the press just one time. Even with these limitations, the variety of ways of putting ink on the monotype plate allowed me a wide range of expressive choices.

I hope you recognize and enjoy seeing bits of San Francisco that make it the unique place that it is.



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