Jardins d'Encre (Gardens of Ink)
September 2005
ArtYz, La Cave du Mas de la Grivelière, Biviers, Isère, France

In the Autumn of 2005 I taught two weeks of daily monotype and monoprint workshops at ACDA near Grenoble, France . At the same time, I was fortunate to be invited to have an exhibition sponsored by the local group ArtYz. The gallery space was a charming setting – a converted wine cave with a vaulted ceiling above and crunching gravel underfoot. It opened out onto a verdant homey garden with a view of the Belledonne mountains.
Having heard of this beautiful setting beforehand, I wanted to produce a series of intimate monotypes that would not only be suitable to the leafy spirit of the place, but would also serve as examples of the breadth of monotype technique. I printed on both sides of thin mulberry paper, allowing the contrast between the clear printing on top and the translucent images printed on the reverse. Recognizable elements help you step into the “gardens” -- then the generalized, more abstracted elements allow you to wander through, attaching your own experience and narrative to each piece.

The view sketched from inside
La Cave du Mas de la Grivelière
24 September 2005, 12:00

watercolor & pen 9" x 6"