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Large Monotypes
July 1997
Marchand Marketing Gallery, San Francisco, CA

I had been asked to mount a show made up of pieces shown in my ten-year print retrospective. Most of that work had been modestly sized, traditionally framed. But after seeing this site, with large brick walls and the limited access to the artwork displayed, I decided to create new prints in a much larger scale. I wanted the images to be effective from afar but still hold one's interest under close examination (as far as I'm concerned, a necessary element for a good print).

These monotypes were hung like banners, without frames or glazing. Their size allowed me to pay homage to other large, flat graphic devices -- signage, tapestries and billboards -- as well as the grand scope of nature and experience.

I used highly abstracted imagery so the viewer could fill in the details from their own memories. The captions help give a recognizable context to the light, objects, sounds, and scents alluded to by the ambiguous symbols.